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Show a page after published GET request gets handled


So i got a published rest service that has a GET request in it. An external site will call it with some information but i don’t want it to give data back but instead just open a page from my application after handling the information since now only a blank page with a string ‘succes’ is shown. Is this possible?

Current flow: Mendix app opens an external page with URL Redirector (external page can’t be shown in iFrame), external pages handles some actions and then calls a url with datafield in it (, data gets processed in microflow, microflow returns a string ‘succes’,  a blank page with ‘succes’ is shown.
I want it to open a certain page from my app, i tried the open page action but it does nothing.


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I don’t know if I completely get what you want to do, but to me it sounds like a deeplink might be what you need.

Have a look at the Deeplink Module in the AppStore. Maybe it does what you need.


It sounds rather than your external app trying to call a REST service and show the result, you need call a page on the Mendix app. 

Andreas has correctly suggested using the Deeplink module to do this. This will give you a link you can call from an external resource to execute a microflow and be able to call Show Page at the end.


The Deeplink module indeed does what I wanted to do. App now works as it should. Thanks Andreas, Lukas and Robert  for the help.


Thanks! Indeed seems like a good way to do it, didn’t know this module yet.

Many thanks.