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Newbie : How do I pass a parameter on an open page action?


I have 4 images that need to open a page which needs a specific parameter in order to produce a list (each image is representing a category and the target page should only show this category according to the image).

I tried to write a microflow on each image to pass the right parameter. The string is passed but the page remains empty (no items found).

My flow has two steps : I create an object (I choose the right entity, I set the member to a specific value) and I pass this to a “show page” action… No matter what I try, the destination page stays empty (If I call the same page from a list, it is not empty).

I am really not a programmer and I’ve searched for hours...

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Hi Oliver,

In your open page activity open up the properties and select an object in the “object to pass” section.


Make sure that this object is the same entity type as the entity configured in the data view of the page you are opening. In this example I could open the account_newedit page and pass the account object to it.


Hope this helps!


I just found! I had to retrieve the data and then selected the right item. :-)


Yes, thanks, I ‘ve checked and it is as you mention. But how can I specify which account, for example based on a given account name? I tried to set a variable and pass it to an object.