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Do not show identical data to different users


Hi all,

I created a list view in my Mendix app. The elements of the list are shown to the user one-by-one (e.g., like in tinder), and after the user has clicked “Save”, then the current list element disappears the the next element appears. 

How can I avoid that two user that are working on the app at the same time, get exactly the same cases of the list view? 

Thank you! 

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Hi Sylvia,

You could opt for introducing your own logic, by adding a ‘inUse’ boolean which is set to true (and commited) when a user starts editing an object, and is checked on before presenting objects to a (different) user. You have to keep in mind to also build logic to remove locks from objects when users didn’t properly exited screens for instance, and perhaps before commit checks etc.

There are however app store modules that also do this (object locking), for instance this one:

Good luck!