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Datastructure - Association


Hi i want to do the following,


Create a Session → Create fixed Teams for the Session

Create Matches Associated to a Session get the Teams from Session

Create Games associated to matches (therefore associated to a Session) and get the assigned Teams

Write a result in the format SessionID, MatchID, GameID, Deck1, Deck,2 Deck3, Deck4, Win1(boolean), Win2(boolean), Win3, Win4 (in the case of 4 players)

Attached you may find my datastructure. However i cannot get it to work. in essense if i create a new match or game i cant acess the already assigned Teams.

Pointing in the right direction, were my error is is highly appreciated. Thanks





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Thanks changing from Database to XPATH Datasource helped to find the needed associations.


Hello Alexander,

Make sure you associate the Match with the existing Session or the Game with the existing Match. 

Furthermore if your retrieve is via XPath make sure to commit all the objects beforehand otherwise that won’t work.

Hope this helps