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How to display events side by side using the calendar widget?



We use a the calendar widget to display different events, some of which will over lap and be at the same time and some will happen at a similar time.

For events which start at the same time the calendar puts them side by side, so the event only takes up half of the width of the calendar rather than the whole width. If the events take place at similar times they display above or below each other which means you cannot always see the whole line of the event.

Does anyone know how to get the calendar to display events side by side if, for example, they were within an hour of each other?

I’ve included screen shots of events overlapping and events showing side by side.



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The other calendar widget(as Andries states) is based on the fullcalendar library. This has an option to overlap or not overlap(by default it overlaps)

You could edit the calendar.js to set the slotEventOverlap: false, (below the var options).


Dear Rebecca,

The Calendar you are using is based on and does not support multiple events side by side in a column in a better way.

You could check the other calendar as well. 

Cheers, Andries