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Mendix 8 Pluggable Widgets - Containers?


Is it possible to make ‘container’ pluggable widgets in Mendix 8?

I.e Can regular mendix widgets be passed as React children?

For example consider this simple React widget:


const CardGrid = props => (

  <div className=’card-grid’>




This will use CSS Grid to layout all the children HTML elements. 

Can I nest widgets within pluggable widgets in Mendix? E.g. Using the existing mendix card building block. 

In mendix we have inbuilt ‘container’ widgets for this kind of thing, but I would like to take advantage of the responsiveness & flexibility of CSS grid which neither ‘layout grid’ nor ‘template grid’ can offer in Mendix


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At the moment, you cannot nest pluggable widgets (or the older custom widgets). I expect that we’ll see this capability at some point in the not-so-distant future, as it would open up a ton of possibilities for widgets.


You can do this since v8.3.0 by defining a property in the widget xml of type=”widgets”.

See the docs section 3.3. Widgets


thanks for the answers!

It will be really cool if we get this feature at some point. Hopefully soon!


It is talked about in the presentation at Mendix world

Maximizing Next Generation Experiences with Mendix Pluggable Components

It not there yet.. would be love to see it