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Error while deploying app on Mendix Cloud


I am getting an error while deploying an app on Mendix cloud through desktop modeler.

Note :  It is a Free App

I also chekced the developer portal for logs, but there is no specific error mentioned as such. Also checked the ‘Show latest build output’ under ‘Environments’ in Developer portal. It is showing some thing like this:


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Hello Rushikesh,

You don’t need to log a support ticket, because this is expected. I see that you are using Mendix 8 beta 1. During the beta period for Mendix 8 every time a new beta is released, the support for previous beta versions is dropped. See . A couple of days ago beta 3 was released, so beta 2 and beta 1 are no longer supported. What you can do is download beta 3, upgrade your existing app to that version, and then deploying will work again.


As this seems like an issue you will not be able to fix yourself, please file a ticket with Mendix support for this.

Include your app and the build output so that they can investigate the issue.