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Export to Excel from Data Grid


I am able to set this up and it exports my objects for my entity very well and in the order I set them in my data grid, but I would like to add columns in my data grid to export that show the user who created/changed the object and the time it was changed.  However when I add these to my data grid and try to export I get the issue where it says an error has occurred and I should contact my system admin.  Is it currently not possible to export system member info in a data grid?

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There doesn’t seem to be any known issues for 7.23.5 and exporting to excel.

I just gave it a go locally on an app and it seemed to work fine.

Try doing the normal troubleshooting things like restarting the app, clearing cache, checking security (even though you can see it on the frontend, could be something else).


The error seemed to come from some data points not having entered data for specific attributes, once i deleted these i was able to export without system errors.