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SAML SSO - User already exist using windows account name



In our SAML implementation we wish to use the SAML claim “windows accountname” as mendix attribute “Name”. When we configure the SAML Idp provisioning as such, we get the error message notifying due to the name element the user already exists. The first time login is works fine, a second login generates the error message. To resolve the problem I've to remove the user account.

Is this a known problem?

Is it possible to resolve this by changing the SAML model, or can we for instance define a new mendix attribute to the Idp Provisioning list so we can extract te value the way?

Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance



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I have multiple setups with this scenario so there must be something else wrong here. Have you configured creating new users? Because it looks like it now tries to create a new account on the Mendix side. So double check your user provisioning.