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Stuck on Rapid Developer course 7.10.2 needed help


On point 3 of 7.10.2 I have to set the value to $COUNT but the moment i do that in the 'edit change item' I get the following error: Unknown variable 'count'. Perhaps the variable is not in scope. 

Can't figure out why this error occurse.

Does anyone know why?

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The first thing I noticed, that you are talking about $Count in your post, but in your screenshot it says $course. You can hit Ctrl + space, before you enter anything, and the autocomplete dropdown will open. As you start typing, it will filter the list. That way you can see all the variables that are available to you.


Hi Ahmet,

What variable or object holds the value that you are trying to set? Because now you’re saying in the ‘change’ action: “take the value from the $course variable and use that”, however that variable does not seem to exist in your microflow. Is there a $COUNT variable available, since that is stated in your question? If so, change $course to $COUNT and you are good to go.

Good luck!