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Study: Usefulness of the Mendix Forum


Dear forum user,

I am currently writing my master thesis about knowledge sharing systems, with as a case study the Mendix forum. In my research I study possible antecendents to the perceived usefulness of this forum and how this relates to actual forum use.

The link depicted below will redirect you to a survey containing questions which capture related and relevant concepts.

Filling in this survey will approximately take 4 minutes. In return, one contributor will be randomly chosen and gifted a, take a <br/> from code shirt, available in the Mendix Shop. If you wish to participate, you can leave your e-mail address in the survey. 

Please note that this is an anonymous survey and that your answers will be treated confidentially. 

Thanks in advanced and kind regards,


3 answers

Answered the survey. Curious to know the results 


Done, please also share the result


Filled in the survey, good luck working on your thesis! Ow and don’t forget to share the results ;)