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Sending an Email with a Confirm button via the application?


Hi everyone,

I have 2 User roles: “User” and “Manager”.  Furthermore, I do have a view were a Manager can plan his resources. Now I want to extend the application with one functionality and am not sure if that could work, so I’m asking whether any one can share his experience with it:


- I want to add a “User-only” view where a resource can access only one page on which he can insert his own “Planning”

- I want this data to be saved – furthermore, I plan to insert a button on that page which says “Send”

- By clicking on this Button, an email with the preferred email program should pop up with a predefined message, including all the data inserted and the name of the manager

- When the manager receives the email, he should have the possibility to either “confirm” or “decline” the inserted data of the user

- by confirming, the data should be committed to the database; by declining, it should be rolled back


Do you think this is practible with Mendix?

Thanks to everyone :)


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Hi Laura,

Keep the planning within the Mendix application and send a copy to the manager. The manager can retrieve the issued planning within Mendix and apply or decline the personal planning by the user.

Email popup should be easy to create using the email template module and some custom logic.

Manager should have the possibility to retrieve the personal planning once logged in into Mendix application.

Hope this helps.




Don't forget the Appstore. The functionality you describe has been developed lots of times. Maybe you are copying ‘Resview’, which is an oldy (4.2 from 2012) but sounds very similar. 


To add to Stephen and Ruud’s suggestions, once you have a status of awaiting confirmation against your planning data, you can also give it a GUID or use the Mendix GUID to do deeplinks via the email sent out.

You can then embed buttons in your emails that lead to deeplink locations for approval and rejection for the respective items, which they can do with one click.