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Testing/running a microflow externally


Hi all,

Does anybody know whether it's possible to execute a microflow from an external system?

For example; I changed a microflow of my app and commited it. But to get to the place in the app where the microflow will be started, I have to click several times and wait for another role to accept a request. In other words; it's a long process to get the microflow running and it takes a long time.

Is there a possibility to run the microflow using an external system? So I don't need to go through the GUI to test the microflow, but I can call the microflow with my own parameters?, just to check if the microflow is doing what it's supposed to do?

Thanks for the reply!

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To know if the microflow is doing what it's supposed to do, is also a good case for unit testing. Although not suitable for once time testing/checking, in the long haul could save you time and automate your check time and time again.


If you're familiar with JavaScript you could use the mx.data.action() function to execute a microflow. Paste it in the console, using the developer console(F12), the next time you want to test it press on the up arrow and it will fetch the function from history.  I use this for repetetive testing, because it saves me some seconds.


You could create a debug page where you can call your microflows directly. If you need parameters, create a non persistant helper that you can fill with data in a popup and then call your microflow with these attributes.


You could create a rest service that calls the microflow within the application, so you can call it by browser or postman.