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Remaking the docs navigation tree?


Hi guys.

we are trying to recreate a navigation tree like on where clicking on a menu-item opens the navigation but also a page.
The content also needs to be dynamic (being filled by that databse).

We tried

A. a listview with a groupbox and nested listview with listen, but you cant have a listen on 2 different listviews.

B. a Navigation tree, but I dont think you can have dynamic content in a navigation tree.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?



we would also like a bit of freedom to add a button under the opened item, and have the text made of multiple attributes.

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What about the the treeview/gridview?


I think you were on the right track with having multiple nested listviews. I think the challenging part would be styling them to look like a navigation tree. In the past we’ve created a custom navigation tree using a table and microflow buttons that were styled to look like the navigation tree.

For the expand you could use conditional visibility or check out the group box helper widget.


Maybe you could achieve it with your solution A by having multiple listening dataviews with conditional visibility. It’s just an idea that is not worked out yet. :-)