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Mendix Export/Import Version Compatibility



We often develop modules in one project and then export them from this project and import them into another project. Frequently, these projects are not the same version. 

I noticed that when exporting modules from older modeler versions and importing these modules into newer modeler versions I usually don’t get errors. E.G. I can export a module from modeler version 6.10.17 and import this module into a project with modeler version 7.22.2. But I noticed that when exporting a module from a project with modeler version 6.10.17 I cannot import this module into a project with modeler version 7.21.0 – I get an error that essentially states ‘the versions are incompatible.’ So it looks like some modeler versions are not backwards compatible with older versions, but later versions can be backwards compatible with the same older versions.

What are the version requirements when exporting/importing from different modeler versions, particularly when going from older versions to newer versions?

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Releases made *after* the release you export from are generally compatible unless noted differently in the release notes.

6.10.17 was released December 19 2018, so all 7 releases after that date should have no problem loading exported modules.