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Licence pricing per user or per app?


Hi chaps,  Just a quick on on licencing so I'm clear.  Is the pricing per user?  So for a single app the price per user is €1.875/month (not €1,875.00 per app per month?).


Thx Lloyd :)


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Furthermore you can use the free Mendix sandbox enviroment up to 10 internal users!


Hi Lloyd,

General information regarding pricing can be found here:

But for specifics I'd contact Mendix (Sales) if I were you :)

Good luck!


Hey Lloyd,

It's per app per month € 1,875 if you go for the single app platform edition and not per user. That's is what get when I looked up the information. You could look at this url for more information, which gives additional information:

Also you could contact them through or just give them a call, which is shown below.

Hope this will help you. 

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Viet Ngo