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I am new to Mendix. I have Imported an XML from a Webservice and already mapped it all. I want to get the referenced Records from child entity, this means that I want to retrieve "KSIDatensatz" but only that ones which are the child objects from the current "SecurityDatensatz" Record. I tried a lot but I don't get the result which I want. I only get the Child objects from the last Parent Object this means I only get the correct Result from the last "SecurityDatensatz". I tried also with XPath but didn't get a good result.

I hope somebody can help me with this.



XML Modell:




Debugging Variables:

Domain Model:

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Not sure if i get it correct but as far as i can tell you need to loop over your 'recordlist'(SecurityDatensatz)  and within this loop retrieve by association the KSI and then retrieve by association the KSIdatenstazlist.  Each iteration of the loop you will then get the KSIdatenstazlist corresponding with the SecurityDatensatz of the iteration.

If you want all of KSIdatenstazlist in one list after this, simply create a list of this entity before the first loop and the KSIdatenstazlist within the loop to the new list.


First of all Thank you very much for your answer :)
The major issue is that I don't have a real Idea on how to save the KSIDatensatzList after each Iteration. After each Iteration, it has an updated KSIDatensatzList. Each time when he Updates KSIDatensatzList, I want to create another List where the result of each Iteration will be saved separately.