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Creating Rest services using Mendix ?? Is it possible ??



Is it possible to create a REST service using Mendix ? If yes, to what extent does it hold good against the services created using Java or Python ?

Is there any introductory video/documentation for the same ??

Thanks in advance!

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It definitely is, and it's supported natively as of Mendix version 7.10.0

Take a look at the documentation here for published rest services.
which contains this handy introduction/howto video

Here's the link for consuming rest services natively in Mendix.


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Hi Mradul,

There is a learning path

The advantage is not only that with dragging and dropping from your domain model you can model your api pretty easily and faster than coding, it has also the advantage that the mapping inmediately refers to entities in your domain model. Hence making it easier to map the data to the correct tables. Next to this it's easier for others to understand which only model and do not code.

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Hi Mradul,

  Yes indeed! Mendix supports the creation of REST services out of the box.  Here is a how-to guide that will help you publish REST services in Mendix.

  For guided tutorials on consuming and publishing REST services, check out the 'Importing and Exporting Data' learning path from our free academy!