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createdDate and changedDate visibility


Hi All,


I have a comment entity that registers the system members createdDate and changedDate. They can both be seen by a user (so they have read access) on the screen itself:


However I want to show the changedDate only if it is different from the createdDate (so if the object has been changed).

So I tried to set visibility settings on the changedDate attribute:

However that leads to entity access problems:

The modeler says I have no read access to both createdDate and changedDate for the users who can view this page (and that is only for this evaluation, because they are showing on the screen without the visiblity setting).

The users have system module role user, but they can see the attributes on the screen, but they cannot be evaluated? That doesn't make sense to me?


I know I can fix this by setting the changedDate manually as an attribute, but then I am recording that myself while there is standard mendix functionality for this?

Does anybody know how I can set such entity access, or if this is a mendix bug?

(modeler is actually 7.19.1 but not chosable from the dropdown

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I've got exactly the same problem. I'm using Mx 7.23.3. I will submit a bug for the Mendix support team.I've got exactly the same problem. I'm using Mx 7.23.3. I will submit a bug for the Mendix support team.


Hi Bob,

I was able to reproduce your error and I agree that its odd that you can have these attributes as columns in a datagrid but you can't show them in a form. I couldn't find a setting to change the access rights to these attributes so in the mean time as a work around you can add a boolean to your entity for your conditional visibility and add a before commit event to evaluate your expression to determine the value of this attribute. 


Hope this helps!