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Date not showing in list before F5 refresh, but only date




I'm having problem with a date thta is not showing in list before refresh. Here is what I do:


I create an object with form then commit it with microflow etc. Then i go to a page which contains a list of these objects.


As seen on this picture all data is there except 2 dates. Those 2 dates belong to same entity as 'testH' for example and yet it is there. But after I refresh it with F5...


After I refresh it with F5 all the data and 2 date fields are there, as seen on this picture.



I have no Idea what is going on there, objects are obviously commited as data is there already on the first picture. No matter if I change pages etc.  only hard refresh shows those date fields.   

What could be wrong ?

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Hi Miha,

Have a look on the documentation page on Mendix Date Picker

You should be able to set a custom format for the fields.


I seem to have found that this is related to this plugin

If I use standard Mendix datetime picker it works. But the reason I use the upper one is because it includes time also. Is there other way ?