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Incorporate HTML and multiple JS in mendix form


Hi there

I have a requirement to show some 3D views in the mendix form. I have already achieved this using html and javascript, but now I have to achive this as a part of mendix form.

I tried to achieve this using HTMLSnippet addon, but didn't work for me. For this I need to import multiple js files in html page.

Can anyone please suggest a way to achieve this.

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quickest way : you can use the html snippet for the html part and add the JS files to the index.html in your theme directory?


The best way to achieve it will most likely be wrapping your HTML and js into a widget.

Have a look into the academy's widget learning path for a quick how-to. Forewarning, it can take a bit of time to wrap your head around widget development and create your first one. 

Hope this helps