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Server Error 500 when posting to a Webservice


Hi there,


I'm building an application that will interface with an Oracle 11g database via REST. To start simple I build the GET part of the Country table. But when POSTing a new country a receive a server error 500 due to invalid insertion of NULL.

When using Postman the insertion of a new country is successful. I tried changing the export JSON but with no success. Below I added some visuals and debug information. Hopefully someone can help me out.

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Beautified from the debugger:

MxAdmin    REQUEST    
            "CountryName":{"value":"Inner city"},



A new record could not be inserted due to null value, although there are no NULL values. Because Oracle is known to be very stringent, I added two custom HTTP headers to the POST call:


This resulted in a more sensible Error Msg = ORA-02291: Integrity error (COUNTR_REG_FK) is violated- upper key is not found. So the assumption that Country was a standalone table without references/associations is false. By changing the foreign key "region_id" to a valid value, the data is saved in the country table.






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