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Data missing


Hi all,

In my app we have notifications, these notifications are generated when a user fills out a form and selects certain options. 

The notifications are shown in a list view on the homepage, as well as in a dropdown container in the top navigation bar. 

The notifications are no longer showing, the issue has only just picked up and I have gone back through all versions of the app and found where the problem start, if I deploy revision 1028 of my app the notifications are not showing, if I deploy 1026, the notifications are there. 

I've looked through the changes to the app and nothing stands out as something that will affect the notifications, I have check the access rights and made sure they are identical and still no problems. 

I'm a bit lost for ideas and wondered if anyone had any suggestions on where to look. 

Many thanks, 

3 answers

Has there been any change in the data model?
Are you using datasource microflows or xpath retreives?
Did the navigation layout change?

Something must have happened between revision 1026 and 1028. 


Did you check the database to see if they are there but not showing or are they really not there anymore. Because if they are still in the database then you know it is entity access as the reason why they are not showing anymore.




Did you make any changes in the Entity access rules?