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Bypass SSO login as MxAdmin


Hi everyone, 

We have implemented SSO (with the SAML20 module) in our Mendix project. Logging in as a user works fine. The mendix url: redirects to /SSO/ where you are able to fill in your credentials and be redirected to our Mendix app (logged in as a user). When you hit the log out button you will be directed to /login.html. When I fill in my MxAdmin user credentials the app redirects me to /SSO/ and then I'm logged in again as my ADFS user account.

Now, I want to be able to login as the MxAdmin (bypass SSO) and not be redirected to SSO. How do I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

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Why not as a MxAdmin go directly to login.html ? If is still exists it should be no problem to bypass the SSO that way.




Hi Laurens, 

How exactly did you implement the login redirect. In my experience it works ok if you set the origin uri in index.html to "/SSO"