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Tabs vs Unique Pages? when to use what?


Hi Guys,

Sometimes when we start a project we use the tabs element.

Then halfway through the project we switch to unique pages with buttons styled the same to tabs due to the application becoming slow.

Has anyone else noticed this? do you guys avoid tabs in general? when would you use tabs vs pages?

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If I remember right when you add a data view or data grid in a tab it gets loaded always, whether you open the tab or not. So using lots of tabs and using microflows as the source (heavier on the performance already) for the views or grids to top it off would slow your page down significantly.


Most of the time I can get away with tabs but there are cases where you have to use a unique page. For example if your number of tabs to be dynamic or if you want the captions of your tabs to be dynamic. Another advantage is that you can use a microflow to open your other page and perform any logic beforehand. You also might be able to argue that it saves page performance but I haven't done any testing with that. 

The one time i've had to implement this is when I received a requirement for a dynamic number of tabs and for the tab names to be editable. I ended up having to style a template grid with a navigation list inside to simulate tabs.