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Display text above image in Document Template


Hi All,

I am using document template to create reports. I am trying to display text on image. Since a table cell contain only one element at a time, I am not able to place both image and text in single cell. So created a table with two cells and placed image in first cell(Image) and text(Text1) in other cell as shown below. What css changes i can do to achieve this?

I achieved it on web page through css styling. But in document template these styings are not working. What I should to get it?



Many thanks in advance.


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You could do this with a 'OverlayPdfDocument'  from the community commons module in the appstore.

In that case you create a pdf with the a image and you create the pdf with the text and merge them together. Migt be tricky to get the text on the right place though.


The document template does not support styling that can be used throughout the rest of mendix unfortunately it is quite limited. My guess is that you cannot achieve this easily in the document template, maybe not at all.

Let's hope someone on the forum could prove me wrong :)


it has been a while ago since i played around with document templates.. my first guess would be use a background image in the cell?