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Looping Through Forms


Hello Experts - 


I have a microflow that loops through a list of people (PeopleList) and I want to create an object  and show the associated form - one for each person in PeopleList. It works, but the problem is that it loads all forms at once. I want it to present each form and stop - allow the user to fill out the form - and then move on the next only AFTER saving.

Any ideas?



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Hi Mark,

You could also try adding a process record (could even be non-persistant)

So indeed (as suggested by others) you do not loop through the list, but based on your first record you create the process record, link the people record and create the record that you want the user to fill in. In the form (sample below) you fill in the fields that you want.

The Save button can trigger a microflow that

  1. Saves the address record
  2. changes the People update field (eg to done) and saves the People record. Note: ENUMs can be set to empty if you want to use the same list again, create multiple process steps and work with failures, where booleans can only be true or false..
  3. Link the Process record to the first People record (from database) that is not 'done'
  4. Create the Address record for that People record and refresh

You could do without the process record, Step 3 would close the form and opens the form with the first record that is not 'done'. However Close/Open form might disturb the user more than refreshing the process record. And on the process record you could add a counter (record 10 of 20) that keeps the user informed about the progress.



Hi Mark,

What if you create a page that shows a list of people, and then you setup a dataview to listen to this grid. Then when a user selects a record in the list, the form that you need to have them fill out will appear on the right side of the screen. The user can fill in the details and then click the next record in the list.


Here is an example:


The list can be any list, I just used a datagrid for this example. 


Hope this helps!


Might it be a better idea in that case to create 1 object for the first person, then show the form and let the user fill in some details. After he is done and clicks on save, you get the next person from the list and create an object and show the new form and so on?