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Anonymous User Journey


Hi All,

I have a 5 step Anonymous User journey with Next and Back buttons. I also support 2 languages, EN and AR(Arabic)

In each page of this journey i am supposed to display a button which lets the user switch the language. I am able to achieve this in the first page easily as it is just a matter of changing the anonymous user language to another one and refreshing the page using URLRedirector widget. However if I do the same in another page, i redirected back to the Homepage!

So the question is, is there a way to stay on a page on refresh?

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You could try to create an object with the language setting and associate it with the session object. Open every page with a microflow that retrieves this language setting through $currentsession and opens the page that correlates with that language. Clicking the language button simply changes this setting.


I don't know if it is the best way, but you could use deeplinks(deeplink module from the appstore) for your redirects. In that case you should create a deeplink with a microflow for each page that you want to redirect to. This should ensure that the page redirects to the correct step in your process.