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Creating Data View from Lists


Hello - 

I want to go page A to page B and generate a smart list from inputs from A, to display on B. I pass an object (Course) to a microflow that generates a list of Students in that course that have Evaluations. I now need to pass that new custom list to a new page, but I'm having a tough time linking the two. How do I pass that list to a new page and display the results?


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Hi Mark,

Yes, Marc is correct. To add more to @Marc's answer, please find the details below;

In the domain model, add one to many association that is one course is associated to many students. Now in the microflow where you create new student object make sure you associate every new student with course (see image below). Then call page B from microflow and pass course object.  On page B, add a data view and set data source as Context and entity as Course. Within that data view, add a list view or data grid to show all the students associated with the selected course. 



You can read further about association in Mendix documentation

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If the list you are showing is generated based on user interaction on page A, there must be an association set between your coures and student entities and/or there must be some attributes on the student that identifies members of that list. If so, you can use an xpath (if it is already committed) or a datasource microflow (if it is not yet committed) to fill the list on page B. You can also show the list by association, but this will only work if it does not need attributes from the student entity to identify list members.


Why wouldn't you show the data view with the Course and display the list over an association?