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change object User should not be null 




We are currently having an issue with passing User parameter.

Currently in our microflow we have a change box to update user, however this user is not populated later in the microflow, below is the stacktrace we receive:


10:16:46 AM APP ERROR Connector: null [User 'Anonymous_b4e8197f-c38e-4564-874d-e3419fdf17d2' with session id '659572b2-efa3-489b-b069-31b1ac4ac400' and roles 'User']

10:16:46 AM APP ERROR Connector: com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: requirement failed: Change object 'User' should not be null

10:16:46 AM APP INFO at DigitalBanking.OCE_SelfieLogin_2 (Change : 'Change 'User' (AccountID, AccessToken)')


Please see below screenshot of the Microflow:

Many thanks for your help.


2 answers

Is the user object populated when you first retrieve it? If not make sure that the association between user and selfie is populated.

Furthermore you could add a check if the object is filled with something like this:

Add $User != empty in an exclusive split before the change object activity. The true value will go to the change object, the false value somewhere else. That way your microflow wont break.


use an empty check using exclusive object before you change an object