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System members read access


I am trying to display system members 'Changed By' user and 'ChangedDate'  for an entity . I am gettig No read access to attribute changedDate . How can I provide read access to system members of entities?


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EDIT 15-08-2018:

The behaviour looks somewhat changed. I now use Mx 7.13 and may view the createdDate as long as I have access to the object, that means: some access is granted, like creating / deleting / read an attribute.


It is currently not possible to expose these system attributes to users which don't have the module role System.Administrator

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You could make two attributes in the entity of which you want to display these values to achieve this: Changed_Date, Changed_By for example. When the object gets changed you write the [%CurrentDate%] into the Changed Date and retrieve the name of the user who changes is and write it into Changed by.


1 - open the entity, access  rules, give read access to the module role.

2 - check whether your user role is checked for the module role of 1