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Call webservice: Response already committed


If I call a webservice and store the response in persistent entity objects, the objects are automatically committed.
Of course this is a useful feature (nobody wants to retrieve all objects 10 levels deep, just to commit them), but I can also imagine there are scenarios in which you do want to store the response in a persistent entity, but don't want to commit in immediately. In this case, in the current situation, you would have to have duplicates for all entities (persistent and non-persistent) and first map the response to non-persistent entities, apply the check whether you want to commit them, and then convert them to persistent entities.

I was wondering if anyone came across this type of situation and perhaps is the autocommit of the response should be configurable when calling the webservice.

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Hi Martin, you're right, that's a useful feature. It is part of release 7.18!


Yes, that would be usefull. For published rest services this is available starting mendix 7.16. I'll put it on the backlog for consumed rest services.