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Date range filters on a list view?


I have list view and i’m using the list view controls to provide text searching, header sorting and checkbox filtering to manipulate the list which is all working great.

I have a Date and Time attribute being displayed (ReportingDate) which I would also like to filter on using a date range e.g ‘show me all fields with a reporting date between X and Y dates’ capability.

The list view controls don’t have such a widget and i cant see one that provides this capability. I would have though this would be a very common filter for a list view?

Which widget do I need?


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Hi Warren Gay,

I would suggest you to create a custom filter for your list view and trigger a microflow to do a search with your own search criteria provided in the custom filter fields and update the datasource of your list view. You can refer this url for reference.




Hi Warren, 


These might help you: