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How to display word document in the browser


Hello all,

Did someone find a way to view a word file in the browser?

I tried ‘Document viewer’ but it doesn’t display the file, it just proposes to save it.

I also try to use the google document viewer in an IFrame but it isn’t able to open the url I get from my FileDocument…

any new ideas???

Thanks in advance

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still not working… any idea?

To give you more information, my application is a viewer of technical sheets stored in Teamcenter.

So there is a part which get the path of each file in Teamcenter file systems and store it in Mendix.

The other part should allow the user to view in the browser the selected Technical Sheet…

There are more than 10000 sheets in Teamcenter and the format can be doc, docx or pdf…

And I have to make it as easy as possible because it will be used in the factory and technician should click as little as possible...

So I need a way to display these file in my application.

thanks in advance



The shortcut, although not very dynamic: Save your word document as html and copy-paste this into a Mendix html-widget. See what happens and take it from there.


You can try to create a Published REST service (GET method) that delivers the document like this:


Beware of the authentication for your documents, use secure tokens like in this example