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Layout grid different than documentation


I have been using the layout grid to style my app. After doing the ‘Styling your app with css” learning path. I realized that the properties of the layout grid in my project are different than what it shows in the documentation. 

This is what mine looks like

This is what the documentation looks like

Why are they different, and how do I fix that? I am running 8.17

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Like I said, I am running 8.17. I am still not able to see the different layout grid option. It seems specific to just this project. Any new project I create works fine.


When runnign 8.17 this is what the properties for the layout grid look like on my end:

So this is equal to the documentation, are you running an older version where the options for the auto-fill and auto-fit content were not yet available I think that this was introduced in mendix 8.6 See

Upgrade your app to a higher version to allow for the options mentioned in the documentation.